Upcoming Talks Fall 2015

Archiving Hip Hop Culture | October 1, 2015 University of Regina Regina, Saskatchewan Public Education, National Security State, and Insurgent Black Life: Tracing Genealogies and Infrastructures of the Racial State (Session Chair) | October 8, 2015 American Studies Association Annual Conference Toronto, ON Bigger than Hip Hop (DJ Set) | October 9, 2015 Harlem Restaurant … Continue reading Upcoming Talks Fall 2015

Scratch, Look & Listen: Improvisation and Digital DJ Interfaces

Scratch, Look & Listen: Improvisation and Digital DJ Interfaces mark v. campbell Abstract Since 2004, digital interfaces have become the dominate mode in which professional hip hop djs perform for their audiences. There are a number of benefits and drawbacks to utilizing digital interfaces, such as increased or decreased abilities to improvise. This essay explores … Continue reading Scratch, Look & Listen: Improvisation and Digital DJ Interfaces

Sonic Intimacies: On Djing Better Futures


by Mark V. Campbell

Recently I was invited to DJ the afterparty of a symposium at Queen’s University, called Colonial Intimacies: Remapping the Relationships between Black and Indigenous Communities. A boldly conceived and welcomed conversation, the Better Futures Collective developed a symposium to address the “academic, activist, and creative conversations surrounding anti-blackness, indigeneity, settler colonialism and decolonization.”

Rather than simply providing the ‘entertainment’ to get asses moving, I sought to carefully curate a mix that might get the mind moving too. In my Sonic Intimacies mix the intention was to bring together the relational poetics of hip hop music and its related sonic progeny. For many successful DJs, their introduction to the art form lay in hip hop djing, such that mixing, scratching and cutting are well-known techniques by DJs. We can confidently add folks like David Guetta, DJ Atrak and Dr. Jay De Soca Prince to this list…

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Upcoming Talks & Panels

Feb 27, 2015 The Opportunity Equation Report Launch & Panel Discussion, Toronto Feb 27, 2015 Sonic Intimacies: Curated DJ Set, Kingston ON March 13, 2015 Scratch, Look and Listen: A DJ Workshop.  Regina, SASK. March 26, 2015 'Arts spaces/practices as sites of social cohesion', Panel Discussion, Scarborough ON May 29, 2015 The Arts and Education Panel … Continue reading Upcoming Talks & Panels